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Specialized engineering consulting services

Rayne provides Consulting and Direct Hire Engineering staffing services.  We believe the more specialized the better when it comes to staffing and recruiting services.  Our recruiters are divided up into distinct groups based on the skillset they recruit for. As specialty groups grow, These specializations give our clients a group that knows that section of the market better than our competitors.  We’re smarter and faster to respond than our competition.  Rayne does not try to be all things to all companies.  If you come to us with a need for something we do not do, however, we have great partnerships and can service your needs there as well.


Rayne Staffing employs specialized consultants who can provide engineering services for your needs. Our consultants are reference checked prior to hiring and then on an ongoing basis as they work assignments.  We do not just put someone in your environment.  We focus on continuing to work with you during your project.

Contract to Hire

With Contract-To-Hire, the candidate is initially employed as a consultant through Rayne. After a defined period, you have the option to convert the consultant to become a direct employee of your organization, in which you’d assume the employment cost burdens, payroll, and benefits administration from thereon.

Permanent/Direct Hire

Our permanent/direct hire involves Rayne Staffing identifying and shortlisting qualified candidates on your behalf. We’ll facilitate the interview process for you and work diligently throughout the offer stage to ensure the best possible chance of securing the candidates you wish to hire. However, unlike the previous two offerings, the candidate is employed directly by your company from day one. On the first day of employment, a recruitment fee is due, typically (20%-25%) of candidates first-year base salary based on forty (40) hours. Given the human element of recruitment and employment, we understand sometimes things don’t always work out the way we hoped; therefore, we proved placement guarantees which include free replacements or refunds with defined timescales.

Project Services

Based on the client’s specifications and desires, Rayne Staffing aggregates a team to complete an entire project.

For more information, email us at website@raynestaffing.com and we will connect you with a specialist in your area.


“Rayne helped me staff engineers in Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota with equal efficiency.  The experience is unparalleled in the industry.”


We focus on Quality in everything we do, whether it is meeting our candidates face to face, doing quality reference checks or taking the time to really understand our clients.


Speed is core to our approach.  We know clients call us when others can’t fill their position or time is of the essence.  We make sure we prioritize our client’s search based on their time frames and urgency.


Delivery for us isn’t a resume. It is the start to the completion of a project.  We are with you along the way making sure our consultants and full time hires complete your project and deliver the results you need.

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