Rayne Staffing is comprised of two recruiting practices that complement each other.  As a team, we recruit across the following industries; Aerospace, Aviation, Power Generation, Oil+Gas, Manufacturing, and Transportation and Logistics. Each industry has its own unique challenges for finding, attracting and retaining the best talent!  
We have a proactive approach to talent acquisitions and the experience in each industry to deliver quality results.
In short – we offer 4 services. Contract, Contract to hire, and Direct Hire recruiting services. Additionally, we offer Payroll services for our clients.
Rayne Engineering
The engineering practice covers Industrial Construction for all industries as well as detailed design for any engineering or manufacturing project.  Additionally, we focus on project controls and environmental, health and safety requirements.  The technical aspect of engineering recruiting is the key to our success.
Rayne Skilled Trades
The skilled trades practice primarily focuses on high volume craft work for field, manufacturing, and shop based work.  Skilled Trades is a unique service offering in itself,  the challenges are completely different from any other type of business.  We are skilled in the art of dealing with people!

For more information, email us at website@raynestaffing.com and we will connect you with a specialist in your area.


“Rayne helped me staff engineers in Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota with equal efficiency.  The experience is unparalleled in the industry.”


We focus on Quality in everything we do, whether it is meeting our candidates face to face, doing quality reference checks or taking the time to really understand our clients.


Speed is core to our approach.  We know clients call us when others can’t fill their position or time is of the essence.  We make sure we prioritize our client’s search based on their time frames and urgency.


Delivery for us isn’t a resume. It is the start to the completion of a project.  We are with you along the way making sure our consultants and full time hires complete your project and deliver the results you need.

 Technology and Engineering and Skilled Trades Search providing Onsite and Offsite search, Contracting and Consulting Services

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